my wife has been deemed disabled and pallative and is now collecting disability. Her name is Donna de Langen McLeod. Since I have to stay at home and help her,, I cannot go out and work. Is there any supplement I can receive as we are poor and need some more money to live on. please advise as soon as possible. thaning you for your kind attention. Rudi de Langen.

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    Where do you live? I assume it is in Ontario. If for example your wife is collecting ODSP I would talk to her doctor and get him or her to write a letter or note saying that you cannot not work at the moment as your are your wife's full time care taker.

    Once you have the documentation from the doctor setup an appointment or call her case worker and see if it is possible to increase her disability pension.

    If you tell me what province you live in I will give you some additional tips. My condolences, you obviously must  love your wife very much to make the sacrifices that are necessary to help her.

    I think you would be surprised how many spouses would just dump them and move on to someone else.

    Take care and good luck!

    You may be able to sign up with your state as her care giver. There are different requirements in different states but they will be able to tell you those requirements. This would pay you for the care that you give her. Check with your local social service office and ask some questions to see how to proceed. Good luck and I wish you the best

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