Why is going topless at the beach restricted and frowned upon in the United States?

    Honestly, I have vacationed in other parts of the world and it is no big deal. Why are Americans so prudish?

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    I'm surprised that this question did not get more action. I'm putting it out there again and hope to hear more. Your thoughts?


    Kelozin - you are right - in other parts of the world i.e. Europe definitely people go around nude on the beach this is not sexual unless there is a sezual connotation. I imagine men find it more intriguing looking at a dressed women and wondering what is underneath. Nowadays they do not have to wonder too much as many females go around half naked anyway. There is an heath here in London called Hampstead Heath - many years ago there was a separate nudist area, not sure if it is still there. Reminds of the story of the lady who took in a lodger only to find him at breakfast time naked - he was a nudist.

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    Some women look better with clothes on. Have you ever notices women fighting for the decency of women? They hang out (pun intended) in front of strip joints with signs. Most are unsightly even with their clothes on.

    On Hgy 1 along the central coast in CA there are several 'topless' beaches, its no big deal. for some unknown reason, even though they are topless, it just doesn't have a sexual connotation to it. I've been there a couple times, its not a sexual arousal situation. They are basking in the sun. On the other hand, go to a topless bar and its all about sexual enticement. I guess its like talking to a gynecologist, 'he' feels boobs every day and doesn't get aroused until he is with his wife or g/f. (I guess that's what a gynecologist does)
    I can't say but I wish all people had to ware more at the beach the young ones make me wish I was young again and the older ones make me wish I were younger
    Because in our country we look at the naked body as dirty, God does not make junk and we need to not see it as dirty but art.

    nyarga Anyone who sees the naked body as junk - should take a look in the mirror - where does dirty come into it? Such sick minds I think. Thank you for your answer. As Leonard Cohen said "I took my diamond to the junk shop but that don't make it junk".
    simply: you dont want to see the average american nude...oooohhh
    Every coastal state I have lived in has a nude beach, it may not be every beach but they do exist in the U.S.. As a father I wouldn't want to have to explain to my kid's what boobs are for every time I go to the beach.

    Maybe there is a difference between the rest of the world and the U.S., but I don't think it's that terrible of a thing?

    Also, I have been at the regular beach where some women take their tops off and don't get bothered by anyone, I suppose it's a cultural difference???
    We have several 'nudist' beaches in CA and they are not all membership driven.

    Vinny, she asked about topless, not nude.

    Oh, I should pay attention huh??

    This country was founded by Puritans. That attitude still persists in many circles here.

    I grew up in Europe.There were many Family Magazines with
    topless women on the front cover. We used to go to a puplic
    Swimmingpool in the Summer And pull the Top of our Bathingsuits
    down around our Waist to get a Tan. All the Women did that.
    Up to 4 yr. old children never wore a Bathingsuit.
    You could never do this in the United States you would be
    charged with public indecency. I think the reason in this
    country is because there are so many Sexual Prededors and it
    would not be safe and overwhelm our Law enfocement

    Don't you have sexual predators in Europe?

    Maybe some, but we never heard of any. Of course there was no TV or computer. Communication was not what it is today.
    Come down to Australia, we even have nude beaches.

    Australia different , we have choices.

    Hey bulletman, did you get shaken around the other night?

    Yeah sure did , it was only a 3 point something tremor.

    it's alright to carry a gun, but you can't go topless on the beach, get your priorities right. ------


    If people used a gun on a beach in America, there would be silicone everywhere.

    Love it, nondeplume.

    nomdeplume - nice one.
    Sandy hook, NJ. Nude beach. A portion of it.

    vinny - I have said you are too cool for school but the question is topless and not below th waist - I dont't think this would happen on except on a nudist beach. For children if this is a beach we are speaking of breasts and if inhabited by chilldren are the most natural thing in the world which children recognise and I would imagine not offensive although I would not necessarily be taking my children to a nudisst beach per sae but if an ordinary beach then let them do the interpretation although I am sure they would not  be bothered with your willie parading the beach more perplexed I would imagine unless they have seen their Daddies willie or simblings, My sister kept pulling my Brothers in the bath wondering what was this extra appendige he had - painful huh.  

    bulletman - I agree how ludicrous to ban breast feeding - I have not read all the answers but what I have read is sickening - and yes I witnessed the Police in California in the 70's with guns in their back pockets - I have said before the priorities need to be addressed and  have  noticed  there are very few regular visitors to this site commenting perhaps that says it all.  

    1. People are so blind to what we really are

    2. Lying naked in the sand is probably the closest we will ever get to being ourselves

    3. Mostly every other thinking is plastic world pretence


    It's alright as long as some man doesn't jump on you.

    A lot of the puritanical views of sex in the US is because of right-wingers and religion. Here, in Canada, for instance, ones religion is their business. A few years ago , during a federal election, a leader of a party did not campaign on Sundays because of his religious convictions and unless on stumbled across that fact in the media few people were aware of it. We do not wear ur religious beliefs on our sleeves like a lot of wackos do down south. Gotta go, I just sighted a new comet.

    I don't have an answer but it sure looks like discrimination to me, men can go topless all the time, anytime, anywhere they choose. well maybe not inside some place of business.

    Would it be ok if I ran around with my penis leading the way everywhere I go?? xcept businesses of course.. :)

    Because people who are intent on going to the beach might get confused, thinking that they reached the mountains instead, turning around and leaving.

    There are lots of nude beaches in California. Nudity is optional, not required. In northern California, this time of year you’ll need a wet suit to tolerate the chili, but if you are a polar bear club member and nudest…live free! 

    im NOT SEXUALLY SICK. and i would not show my boobs in public. id poke someones eye out with one!


    Beach season is upon us. Any thoughts or comments about this subject? Are we an uptight Nation?

    Its not always :)


    In most cases it is. There are exceptions, but in other parts of the world, it is second nature.

    americans are sexually sick

    Now that our Government is resigned from the "Guilty-Sex-Scandle-Tripe" of our heritage and youth we are seeing a greater vision of all our Loves-Love blossoming progressively in all our hearts and minds.

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