Is it Necessary to purchase an expensive High Speed HDMI Cable, or will one of the cheaper models work just as well?

    I just purchase a 55' Toshiba, along with a $99.00 HDMI Cable. Since then, I have seen ables sell for as little them as $14.99 for the same length. Is there a huge quality difference, and did I get screwed?

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    Not really.

    This is how CNET put it “Those cables are a rip-off,” says the website’s guide to HDMI. “You should never pay more than $10 for a standard six-foot HDMI cable.”

    CNET’s editors regularly use inexpensive options for both professional tests and in their own home theaters. There’s no distinguishable drop in picture quality, they say. Any cable that caused unwanted dropouts or flashes was simply defective, something that can occur with all electronics – and no brand had consistent problems.

    PC world also stated
    “Our tests indicate, you can expect flawless performance from any 4-meter cable, regardless of price,”.

    The reason stores sell these expensive cables is that they don't make a significant profit from selling TVs these days so they compensate in selling unnecessarily expensive accessories.

    I suggest you go to the store and demand a refund.


    Thanks, I returned the high end $99.00 cable and purchased the $14.99 one at Marshalls.

    Volcane has it perfect. The less expensive HDMI work as good as expensive ones do. Study after study has proven this, It is just another way companies increase their profit. Thumbs up for VOLCANE

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