reason for a urine drug test to be untestable?

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    bleach will netruleize the tes and buy you more time

    If the drug test is preformed at a lab the bleach will show up as a masking or specimen altering agent and destroy the metabolites of the drug in your system. The bleach will show up in your UA and lead to a positive tampered specimen and you will fail the drug test. Now a days the only thing that will buy you more time is if you drink several gallons of water for three days prior to the test. This will dilute your sample so much and flush out the drugs metabolites that your urine will be nearly 99.5% H20 b/c the water at that point will not be needed in your body and go straight to your bladder to be urinated out almost immediately and not allowing the tiny amounts of the "drug" to be released from your kidneys for that next urination. The drugs metabolites are stored in your bodies tissues for several days and released out a little bit at a time during the 2 dozen urinations you will have had each day to take b/c of drinking so much water over the past 3 days. You will get a letter in the mail informing you that you have 24 hours to retake the test and not to consume as much water prior to the next UA. That is exactly what happened to me for a job with a pharmaceutical company which I got.

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