do any body want to die i am scared to

    do yall like to live

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    I don't think anyone wants to die, although its going to happen to every one of us sooner or later. Scared? Of course, somewhat. But do we have any choice on the matter ? Don't think so. 

    I do not WANT to die but I am not afraid to die. It's nice to not fear it. Give it a try. What's the worse that can happen? Hell? It doesn't exist. Don't worry about it. God loves all and all return to God.

    Hi peanut you sound quite young and I think when we are young we are all scared of death but belive me this will pass and in time you wont even think of it I pursume you are in good health so stop worrying and enjoy life just remember you can count on God he is always there good luck

    There is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it from happening,just live your life in a happy and healthy way.

    Who knows you could live until your 100.

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