Drug testing

    Can certain medications together cause a dip-stick urine test to be untestable

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    Are you asking about a drug testing urine test or a urine chemistry stick?


    ask a doctor for the answer ?

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    Drug test today are very specific. They can tell what you are on and most times how much. Use a gold flush system 48 hours before a drug screening. You can find it at your local drug store.


    You should not be asking this question if you have a substance abuse problem, nor for anyone else. There is a reason for this test. I don't know what it is. Perhaps you're in Law Enforcement, maybe you drive an 18-wheeler, pilot a 767, are an Air Traffic Controller, or are a surgeon and your impaired judgment could put the public-at-large at harm, or it's related to child custody / visitation, or something else. Trying to" put one over" on the court, your employer, or whatever, does not solve the underlying problem. If you've "made your bed, you have to sleep in it." Lastly, there should be a federal law enacted prohibiting the selling of anything that would mask prohibited substance use. NOBODY should give this *^%# an answer as to how to get around this! Jenn: If someone asked how to make a bomb and you knew how, you'd probably tell him/her also. In both instances, lives can be lost. I spent 30+ years in federal law enforcement in the "War On Drugs" and you have no idea how angry I am right now! Care to explain?

    Medications that are legally taken can effect a drug test for potential employment... as well as natural supplements. That was the question. I did not suggest that this person "put one over" on anyone.
    If that were the question I would not have answered it.
    The question has been changed since I answered it. (10 mo ago)

    Clonge, the original addition to the question was asking about taking certain herbs that could cause a drug test to read that a person was taking drugs. Note TSC's answer. Jenn was going on that and gave info on how to flush the herbs. You would have had to see the question as it was first asked to understand Jenn's answer. I know Jenn and know that she is dead set against the use of illegal drugs. She would never tell a person how to cheat the system so they could work while on drugs. Even with the question change, Kelly is asking about medications not illegal drugs.

    I read a story a few years ago about a guy who ate a Poppy Seed Bagel everyday for years. He was given a urine test and tested POSITIVE for opiates (or whatever the Poppy Seed has in it) They fired the guy and he sued. Never found out what happened.

    i herd you can eat a honeybun and test positive for alcohol cause of the yeast in the bread

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