Do you think the USA should reinstate the draft?

    All should serve at least four years the country that gives them so much.

    If not at war for disaster help and police help, all should be trained to use a gun and respect the flag and what it stands for.

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    I think we were a more patriotic America when we had the draft.


    The Illegal Immigrant problem would be solved over night also.

    Yes it would. Enough with the bleeding hearts. We need to take our country back.

    they will sooner or later. A lot of countries require their youth to serve in the military. As long as our military is strong though, I see no need to make our youth serve but I must admit, it would help a lot with discipline since our laws have made it damn near impossible to really discipline our children

    Headless Man

    It would save a lot of lost kids that don't know what to do, teach them discipline and teach them a trade.

    The same in england ,mr,j,alanhutchinson,ref, the lack of discipline,due to the laws getting to soft.

    I agree Randy but again, until we get real with the laws governing our land and realize that today's problems have been created by us because we are so busy wanting to make sure our kids have all the stuff that we didn't have, nothing will work. When a kid can call social service after a parent paddles them and then have them arrested for assault, well ya know, that ain't right. We have governed ourselves into this mess and we just keep on regulating more and more....Why then is it the militaries place to fix the crap we created? We need to start over with our laws and to me, need to get rid of that branch of government that branch of government that continues to bring us down. The legislative branch of the US government has become nothing more than a bunch of over paid fat cats that do not care what happens as long as they can get reelected and keep their big 100k plus per year jobs. Plus since they are only elected for two year terms, they are always campaigning. Know what, it is time for a government restructure at least in my opinion.

    No. The rich kids will all become asthmatic for awhile until they become officially exempt from duty. If the poorer kids are going to do the heavy lifting, they should be paid accordingly.

    Headless Man

    The draft should be for all rich and poor 18 years old, exempt for health reasons or farther education like it used to be.

    Absolutely, but my point is that the rich kids will have influential parents that are, shall we say, "well connected" with members of the medical profession who will be easily "swayed" into signing medical exemption notes.

    Fortunate son --- Creedance.

    You are bang on, Bullet.

    YES, the sooner the better.

    ALL AMERICANS should have to serve in the armed forces.

    (yes, I did)

    there is a waiting list for some branches why would we force poor people who cant get out of it to serve

    Headless Man

    To teach them discipline and teach them a trade.

    no i honestly dont think our service men are fighting for the right supose to be for our country.but its all about money.if others dont have to get there hands dirty .why should they.there is an antichrist in each corner lurking .no the draft shouldnt happen ever us people now!by the way it makes me mad when we have all these foriegn people taking ourjobs  even as managers and treating our citizens like if were sweat shop workers or slaves.when u ask them to send a letter to our service men from my job,cuz thats what we have to manager replied with exact words"this isnt my country"? so we told him to go back where he came from!people like that have no makes me sick.sorry but by the way he is u here of them fighting for this wonderful country that gives them advatage.besides getting over on our system.people like that can SUCK IT! so IMMIGRANTS YOU WANT TO BE HERE.PUT OUT OR GET OUT.

    Headless Man

    I didn't say everyone should fight in war, what about guarding our borders and coast, what is the Coast Guard doing these days.
    What about people helping in floods and tornadoes. The army of trained people to help in disasters.

    LOL... that would have been a great idea when we had the money gonig to the military to pay them... But as of now, the budget wont hold up to it.

     I would love for everyone.. weman included to do some type of civial service...

    No, but if you join the armed forces(national,air Guard) or full time enlisted then you have been getting paid and have taken the bonuses offered dont come up when you have to go to war and cry that you only joined so you could go to college, you knew what you were doing, you got our money now you have to do the job we paid for. we didnt pay for your college and give you a monthly check just for you to reap the benefits!!!!         

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was against conscription 50 years ago and i still feel the same way. If it was introduced again both sexes should be called up --- its all about equality.

    Headless Man

    All should serve at least four years the country that gives them so much, in one way or the other.

    Have a great weekend, Bullet! :-)

    thanks pamela , i had a great weekend.

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