Did you know this is family in desperate need of financial help? there are 3 of us my son, my husband and my self.( help needed) we need to buy groc. we do have a car. we are in need of some assitance to pay this months mortage of $1195.00, last month's and this month's Helock ( 788.00x2), property taxes $1893.07, and min. on cc that we have been living off of. we live in NJ. thank you for any advise and are help. I truly appreciate your help. I hope to have employeement with in the next coupl

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    I pray things get better for you, j.Alanhutchinsons advice was great. I know what you're going through,my situation  right now is just as bad if not worse.

    I am sure that everyone that reads this feels your pain. I hope someone here can actually help you. Seek bankruptcy protection

    Your story is just like my son's only he has three children.  Good luck.

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