going to bed in a minute so will leave you with this question,does anybody here have nightmares?

    goodnight all,sleep well

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    And a very good nightmare to you lol

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    Yes, when I think of the stock markets.

    I frequently have nightmares about ghosts and demonds...scares the heck out of me then when I finally get back to sleep the dreams carry on like a movie thats been on pause.


    that is scary!!!!!

    Ya , not sure why but my dreams have been like that my whole life.

    BTW have a great sleep;)
    ed shank

    I,too have nightmares constantly. Mine always have to do with a violent act. Usually towards me, but also me having to defend myself against someone and me using a weapon. This so against my nature, but in my sleep I've done some really bad things to people. Have to check my wrists for handcuffs when I get up.

    Not since I was a little child.

    Goodnight. Sweet dreams ;)

    NO.But my wife does when turns around in bed and see"s my "face.I try to give her the kiss of live "that makes it worse.

    I dont.. My husband and daughter do.. And they talk in thier sleep. I try to figure out what they are dreaming.

    i only remember having a nightmare once ,in it someone i knew attacked was so vivid,i woke up petrified!Daft part of it is ,in the real world he would never do something like that.So why on earth i copped for that i do not know


    Because you might have left him standing in the rain and you "forgotten about date "Did you owe him "money. lol ps No more nightmares take care.

    From time to time.

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