How to apply for a job?

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    really? ok, if you have never had to do this I can see where it may be a problem for you. A lot of potential employers use online applications these days. Just go to any employer web site such as and locate the careers link. Follow through all the stuff that it tells yo to and make application to them. Otherwise, you would need to hit the streets and visit places. When you get to each place, tell them you want to apply for a job. Be sure to take along your ID, social security number, employment history if you have any (this should include the name, address and phone number for each past employer as well as the dates you were employed there, your immediate supervisors name, the salary you made while there and the reason you left) if there was no previous employment history, then note on the application that you were a student or whatever it is that you were doing instead of working. A lot of places will also ask you for personal references. These can normally be anyone that you know that can vouch for your character. You would need their name, address and phone number. You also need to make sure that whoever you use as a reference knows that you are using them. Don't let a potential employer just contact someone out of the blue. Be sure your ducks are in a row when you start the employment search. After applying, make yourself some notes. You want to remember where all you applied, who you spoke to, the date that the interview (if you get that far) took place then you want to follow up with everyone that you applied to. In other words, call that potential employer back to see if there is an opening yet. Now use common sense when doing the follow up phone calls. If you applied to a fast food restaurant for example, you would not want to call them back during a time that would be busy for them such as a lunch hour rush. You want to keep your name out front especially in this day and time. A lot of people are trying to get work and a potential employer wants someone that is energetic, eager and aware of business conditions.. Good luck to you

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