explanation please?

    What exactly is a Physiscist (I may have spelt it wrongly).?

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    Why the hell are there so many people on here asking dumb ass questions that they can get an instant
    and definitive answer to just by Googling them, ???????????


    there are other websites which offer the same venue but this site is unique in that it offers answers from common people who may be correct or incorrect but they offer their unique views to the question and some may be enlightning. Also, there are several questions that are unique in that they ask for information for topics that are not covered by 'encyclopedia type' sites. I, for one, enjoy some of the questions people ask on this site.


    A wonderful question. Why, indeed?

    I think a good case can be made for research and giving yourself some background to the many questions that come up each day.

    One may ask, too, why google has come to mean "to ask"? I doubt their answer will be definitive. Not that they don't understand their dilemma, but that they, like everyone, has an agenda. Google has lawyers routinely notifying who? that Google is a copyrighted name.
    Names such as Saran Wrap and Kleenex and Xylophone were once copyrighted. But the name got too big.

    Paul Newman, once an actor. Google, once a search engine.

    There are more dumb answers.Then what there are dumb questions.


    ... and a lot of them cannot write English grammar either!

    Heluva question! The old-timey (think of the Greeks; the word comes from them) notion is that of discovering the laws of physics. those formulas and such involving mass and velocity and acceleration and time.
    Part of the difficulty here is that it is the beginning of science, this particular way of acquiring knowledge. Perhaps you remember a bit of it from school. First a hypothesis, then testing, then evidence, then verification.

    Anyway, getting back to physics. It's the physical world. I know that's not terribly helpful, but hold on. Metaphysics is about the physical world. It's not very verifiable, and so it's part of philosophy. When the Greeks, and others, told a story about the causes and effects in this world and posited why this was, they told a myth. In our present understanding, myth means "not true." Whenever you try to answer the questions: where did I come from?; who am I?; where am I going?; you are at the limits of science and thus speaking mythically.

    Within physics are theoretical and applied physicists. As example, Einstein discovered Relativity, but it took years for other physicists to test and eventually accept it as fact. Soon thereafter, applied physicists built the bombs we dropped on Japan.
    I use that example to emphasize the truth with a small "t" of physics and science. Their facts are not to be challenged, until they are! And then they say, "Well, yes, it seems we had that bit wrong." And so it goes.


    Thank you very much for that explanation James. I really appreciate it.
    And to those people who think it is a stupid question - I think it was much more sensible than most of the rubbish I have read on this site. Thanks again James.

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