Does anyone could talk to cats or dogs?

    or another animals or birds?

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    I talk to my cats and they talk back to me not in human english of course but we understand each other.

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    I talk to my cat and he talks back to me.. daren1 your lucky your cat had a job, mines so lazy and always up in my business... terrible roommate, never cleans up after himself. He always has excuses for not getting a job too..
    Dogs and cats can learn what certain words mean if you repeat them over and over followed by the same action(s). Extremely smart dogs can learn up to 200 words or phrases, most dogs and cats that interact daily with people will learn at least 50 words or phrases (they may choose to not let on that they actually understand that many). People that spend a good amount of time socializing with their dog(s) and cat(s) will also in turn learn to understand the meanings of certain vocalizations made by their pet.
    yes my wife and i constantly talk to our cat! were a bit pissed cause he quit his job recently, so far he's got no comment!
    one of my cats really does understand in what i say I do keep to short words like if they are wanting to go out side I say tat tats and most of them run to the door and when im about to feed them I say mum mum and this could be any time of the day so they do associate words with food ect mel
    My dogs understand me more than I understand them, so whose the dumb animal here.
    Plus I feed then take them to the Vet. clean up if they have an accident, but they do give a lot of love, knock me down and
    I talk to my chickens, they seem to understand.

    If I say go inside to them, they'll walk into their pen.
    Dogs respond to the tone of voice as well as learn certain words. they also pick up on actions, such as putting on your shoes, getting dressed, packing suitcase, etc.
    Heck yeah, I talk to mine all the time sure do wish they would learn how to cook and vacuum though?

    maybe even bring home a paycheck

    Geez that would really help me out a lot wish they would.

    I talk to my dog all the time!!Most of the time he ignores me apart from when words like biscuit,walk,dinner and other important things get said!!Joking apart,i do think he understands a lot more than i give him credit for and also that he and my cat share a communication i dont understand

    Cat and dogs can learn what certain words mean. They will also try to communicate their wants by meowing or barking, then doing an action to show you what they want.
    My dogs and cat respond to the tone of our voices.
    ummm yes animal wishperes

    Besides now days conversations with animals proves to be more of an intelligent conversation than with most people.


    Good answer Darci,wish id said that!!

    Glad to know someone understands.....

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