why do car dealer's have a differnce price list for Blacks

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    Im not sure i believe that.
    I don't believe this in today's world.-- However, I worked in a retail (high ticket commodity) that DID have different price for different ethnic groups.. I won't name the dealer location though. we didn't have it written either. We were expected to know this, I had it written in my sales book.
    Most discount to lest discount Number one with lowest price are as follows:

    Indian (asian)
    American (Caucasian) Blacks get the same pricing as caucasians

    We had a 'stop' price on these groups. The reason for this is illegal but we knew that different groups talk to each other, so your bottom selling price must coincide or they will talk to each other. I do not think this is going on now but at one time it did..

    The caucasian and Japanese pay the highest. American Caucasion will lie about how much they paid, usually they will bump the price up.

    Chinese buyers will lie about how little they paid.

    Japanese buyers that are traditional will not negotiate, their pride gets in the way..

    This type of pricing made me sick, I left there years ago for this reason..
    Do you really think a salesman would risk losing his commision just because the buyer is black?
    Are you serious? Your information is well off base. I do not think in this day and age a dealership would discriminate and risk ridicule, backlash and negative publicity.
    i am not sure if this is true
    but i do feel that most blks still have a large chip on their shoulder that should have fell off after abraham lincoln
    so i feel most blks feel they are treated diferently not just with purchases but with every aspect of their lives
    therfore the problem lies within their own mental outlook

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