how do know when you a alcoholic

    Drinking to much

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    when your drinking interferes with one or more of these areas of your life ------- your family life, your kids, your job,your health, your relationship with your spouse, or signifigant other, your friendships.

    You will do anything for a drink and spend most of your money on it.  You can't stop with one or two.  You have to drink till you pass out.  You can't remember what you did while under the influence.  Is this enough?


    Yup,that's all true---- It sounds like Angie,a friend of a friend that I know.....

    When you have many wine/beer bottles for recycle.

    Well, you put "drinking too much". That's a pretty good indicator. Ask your family and friends. I bet they are trying to find ways of telling you.

    Woman or booze? 

    You choose booze.


    At one time I took a test in a book to see if I was an alcoholic. It turns out that I wasn't one but was borderline. I took that as my clue to stop drinking. (I had had many alcoholics in  my family and I didn't want to be one) I was able to stop by myself ... if I'd gone on a few more months I would have to have had

    More than 3 standard drink per day, every day, thats normally the definition

    When you free fall to the bottom of the barrel so deep you have to reach up to scrape the bottom!!! ( My voice of experiance!!)

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