dogs name

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    Shirra and Charlie, Sparky, Lady and Lucky

    Nell / Archie/ Oscar/ Susie/ Sophie /Lucy/ Thomas/ Oliver/ Rupert/ Henry/ Harvey/ Phoebe/ Poppy/ Diasy/ Tabatha/ Alice/ Ginger/  these names are all the cats and dogs I know who lived and some have died god bless them all  oh and Freddie the bird and Alfie my pet red canadain Mouse

    D, O, G say it quick "dee o gee".


    very funny Randy lol

    We have had... Sage, Logan. Ronin, Sookie, Chloe, and Khoda.... When I was a kid I had Dutchess... My hubby had sweet pea, sugar, big John, Precious and Tory.

    FYI.... Sage was given to a farmer because I was bed ridden when I was pregnant, Ronin Had bone cancer, Sookie passed while under the care of a vet (she had an allergic reaction to meds), Logan is 14 and still with us, Chloe and Khoda are the babies of the family.


    Hi Jenn I love the name sweet pea ! lol

    I wanted to name Chloe Sweet pea... but decided against it concidering his family had had a bound with that name.

    Cats names.... Mia (who bacame Max when the vet told us she was a he... later when we took her to be fix turned out she was a she... But we kept Max for her name), Keely, Jinx, Mistfit.
    When I was younger I had.. Prints, Cassi and Alli.




    Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, Butch, Blue, Bear, …….I raised hounds when I was a kid. Their name is important because every dog recognizes it as their own name and if the name has any special meaning then the dog will emulate the intention in the name as how they should behave toward you and other dogs. If you call a dog “Prince” he is going to be defending his name in combat with other dogs with expensive regularity. Best to name dogs in accordance with their intended purpose so they will do what you have raised the dog to do. They understand and relate to lots more than many people thank they do. Dogs are social animals that involves complexity, beliefs and preferences. They seek to serve those who are worthy to be served so they comprehend other peoples opinion of you as well and respond accordingly.

    I had a completly black dog and I called it Spot. I want a Great Dane called tiny

    Mocha, looked like coffee, if she has pups we will name them coffee names.....


    One very very large mas bull  hes name was Bruno.





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