A song to describe this ?

    I'm writing a book it is a drama about a group of friends who move to Nashville from California and as they are there they meet this super hot band ! And the main charecter falls in love with the bass guitarist and as the band travels around the world the bass guitarist's fiance stays home and he calls her every day and night too tell her about his day and good night every night.They get married and she turns up pregnant and when she finds out she couldn't carry it she goes into shut down mode and her husband helps her pull through it.But when he finds out he has to move everything changes.And she finnaly is able to have a child.Can anyone tell me a song or more that describes this ?!

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    Your story is about the struggles of a guy in a band with being forced to raise a child? i the song supposed to represent the situation, and does it have something to do with the band?

    Shania Twain has a song I thimk its called, your still the one

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