what is a easy way to become rich?

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    Buy those $1 scratch-off lottery tickets they sell in gas stations and convenience stores.

    Headless Man

    Good way to go broke

    Start working and start saving today.  Have a plan as to how much you're going to save, and how long it'd take to save that money.

    Then, invest:  real estate.  Everybody hates it now.  In 10 years you'll be very happy you have invested.


     Buy a Mega millions lottery ticket""


    I'm working on it.

    The easiest way is to be BORN THAT WAY or become a politician (A CROOK).

    Find some Rich Parents to adopt you and be very Good to them. The worst way is buying those scratch off cards anf scratching your life away. Stay out of the Casinos too.

    Always ,Always be very Good to Old lonely people. Sit and listen to them. This may take hours and hours and hours but it may pay off.  You could put on your thinking cap and drink a redbull or two and invent something .

    There are many kinds of Riches. Wisdom is a richness. Beauty is a richness.  Just keep your dayor night job and get your head out of the clouds.

    What ever you do let me know when you become rich so I too can try it.

    Sign up for the "America has Got Talent" or participate in the beauty contest.  If you are a winner, you will not be just rich, you will become famous.

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