When is it right?

    My husband and I hardly go out on our own. He insist on going out clubing, I feel like I have so much stuff to get done around the house, and we did plenty of that while itwas just the two of us. I would hate to leave her behind! What should I do? I feel Like if I dont start sharing my time with both, he's gonna want to go out on his own........

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    I'm confused. Your husband wants to go out clubbing? Baby seals or what? 

    You can tell him, he can have his guys night out whenever he likes you respect him and his ties , but somehow you feel that you are not getting your share of time. Ask him for little more time, also, the time and attention the both of you can share with your child.

    Make sure you love that person, financially independent, and last but not least the right age for marriage.

    It sounds like you have a daughter that you don't want to leave at home with a babysitter too often. Let me tell you that it's alright to go out as a couple without your child all the time. That's a great way to keep the romance between the both of you going. Unless your husband is wanting to go out all the time I don't see an issue with it, but you could start to suggest a few times that you might like to go somewhere other than the club for a date.One thing about things around the house that need be done...they will be there when you get home. More important is the relationship with your husband as it provides a positive environment for your child. You say you rarely go out as a couple and I have to say that is one way to let the spark fizzle out.Maybe ask him to help with the daily chores a bit so you won't feel so overwhelmed by it. Before I go to bed I find it's the best time to clean up the kitchen, sweep the floors, put the things away that need putting and load the laundry machine so in the morning you can turn it on. Time management...great habit to look at. Your daughter will be much happier with parents who are still dating and in love than with a perfect clean house.

    How old is her?

    Who is her? Your husband? Does he want to be a she, or do you have another wife and you are polygamists? Is it the dog or cat? Or is it a baby? Not sure who her is, but I'm betting that you and your husband are younger and your husband is longing for days before "her." In that case, your husband is more immature than you are, especially if he wants to go "clubbing." What a terrible waste of opportunities lost.

    Not to sound callous, but you have an issue with a juvenile who shirks his reponsibility to your and his daughter.

    If your spouse refuses to grow up, consider your options and if necessary begin a plan to free yourself from this small minded boy.

    leave him he a cheater

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