how do you get rid of fleas in your house

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    Employ Roy to ask them to leave ( KOTF )..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Always works, my fleamily come with guarantees.

    use a Flea Bomb --- remember to remove any living plants and animals from the house as well as yourselves for several hours as this product is extemely deadly.


    hi bullitman didnt know you get them lol

    I just got a new product called wondercide. An all natural product. Use in house and on animals . Made in Austin Texas. is the information. Smells good too.

    You might have to fumigate your whole house.


    I call an exterminator.  Dog and/or cat gets a flea bath and collar afterwards.

    Vacuum- Vacumm -Vacuum- Deflea the Dog or Cat. In a tub of water put to animal in up to his nose. for 3 min. fleas can't live under water. Get flea powder for the rugs. put  all around after Vacuuming let it sit til your ready to Vac again. Do not let your cat outdoors to rome the outdoors and bring in who knows what. Get a flea collor for you pet. Get rid of the rugs if you can. In extreem cases go stay away for a day and put out all fire anf flame sources. close all windows open all areas you think the fleas may be set off Flea bomb. Leave till it is safe to come back home open windows and doors and air out the place. Ask a professional first.

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