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    How come,prison space(s),not,kept pace,with the population growth? How come,the cost of the judical system,not seen,price increases,like every other thing, in our society? The cost,have more than ten fold of our 1050's cost,if not more!

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    The justice system is oversited,blind,over burdened, with zealous judges,that used to be lawyers . No wonder we have no space,in our prisons,for furture,law breakers. Now ,they are talking about,easing sentences,to reduce,the prison populations.My God,just spank them on the hand and turn them lose!

    How come our judical system costs,haven't kept pace with costs,as everything else,in our society has? It seems,that our prison system space,hasn't kept pace,with our population growth,as everything else,in our society has ? Even our,patrol people(police/lawmen)don't keep up with our population growth. Society,as we knew it,will not ever be the same,because of these blind sides of our justice system! Thanks

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