will the world end in 2012

    will the world end in 2012


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    The Earth will be here forever. It is man that will eventually die off through greed and technology.

    I think the world will change not how every one is thinking like the End but how we persieve it like famine world shortage >Food> gas>No work> Riots> Banks Collapsing>Saying all this its happening right now all of this but I do think it will get worse and we will all definatley have awake up call in what we expect now will no longer be

    April 1st. next year.

    YES.  Just in case, buy some trip insurance and stock up on bottled water.


    I bought a big suitcase for the occasion, I'm going someplace else.

    I hope not, i just payed for my holiday


    I think it has started already -  London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham................



    Robertas, the end will not happen until 21 May 2012. check for details

    Just more urban legend silliness like gators in the sewers!!""

    lol, April 1st huh? April Fools .................   seriously though, no one knows the answer to this question. They all say that December 21 of 2012 is the final day. It is on this day that the planets will all align and create havoc around the world. Will the world end, it might, then again it might not. This is a question that only God knows and we can neither know or predict. Honestly though, what would you do differently if you knew for sure the date and time? Live your life, have conviction in your beliefs and let the Lord take care of our final moments on earth. The date and time for the last day is of no importance, God did not give us life so that we would worry about his sons return. We are preached to fear God and prepare for the rapture. An all loving father would not have us fear him so put the teachings you have learned over the years in their place and enjoy the wonderful life that you have been given. 

    It's booked for 27 May 2012, see for confirmation.

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