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    What can I do to create a desire in others to know the will of God,to create a prayer life where God can be heard?

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    Nothing. You let people find their own path and let them find God on their own. God speaks to each of us on the inner. Just listen. Less time praying, more time listening ; )


    <a href="/users/7551/justme/">@justme</a>,never give up,if you can touch just a few it will be worth it,he wants us to spread the word,never stop praying.


    A lot transpired before God set up a Theocracy with the Jews. Remember the entire inhabitants of the antediluvian world thoughts were only evil continually, until God could only save one family and destroyed the rest in the flood. And so God formed a Theocracy with what He had to work with at the time. It wasn't partiality on Gods side, as much as it was keeping His promise. He promised His seed would come through a line of jewish decent and be born in Bethlehem. Yes for the most part Jews deny Christ and the Bible.


    I have a little problem with that, "knowing God". And I am not sure if you have the knowledge and wisdom to answer that. Here is it. Why did God after creating mankind choose only the Jews to be his beloved children when these people don,t even believe in Jesus his son who he sent physically on earth to come and redeem us? They do not believe in the holy bible either. That's partiality on God's side. Isn't it?

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    Just hang in there and keep praying for us all .........

    papaamukah;;I am not able to answer your question in total. Jews believe in the old testament.. ...Jesus was a Jew as were his deciples and so some Jews believed that Jesus was our Savior. In the old testament God the father calls the Jews stiff necked. God did keep them in the desert for 40 years and 400 years in slavery. Does that seem like partiality?
    Colleen, you hit the nail on the head. So many ask, ask, ask, and then hang up. I want to teach how to quiet yourself so you can hear him speak
    IluvJesus... So do I



    Full marks for effort justme.

    True Christians are not bigots, they love God and his son, they love their neighbour and they love their enemies.

    That last one is the one where most holy Joes of Christendom fail. The idea that God could actually find fault with them or their religion is so obnoxious to them than their minds, hearts and doors are tight shut to Gods message. But just look at what the media have to say about the condition of these many churches. Look at the wars they have cause not just against Muslims but against their own people who's only crimes are that they belong to another Nation or are of a different colour or creed.
    Some place the seed some water and some harvest... maybe you are not the harvester... Perhaps you should water (live the example) or seed (share the gospel)
    There is nothing that we do only he can draw people speak to him from your heart and be quite and still wait for him to speak ask him to put a heart of understanding and love within your Spirit soul and mind with these two trait's you will gain wisdom and a humble heart. hope this helped you
    Please forgive me, I would like to give you just my thought, no offense. My guess is you will need to start with changing your mind-set first. By seeing your name "justme", it gives an impression to me that your thinking is more of self-centered. You will not be influential to anyone in that way at all. You must be the model, humble and sincere without you in front of any.

    Go Schubee, a great Point about the 'name' :)

    Hey double, how's life in Europe, right or you back? Good to see you around!

    This the tone of voice "justme" should be spoken..A favorite son is expected home any minute...I come through the door and Mom calls from the kitchen..."Schubee is that you." My reply would be,
    "It's justme."
    I thought long and hard about the name but I would change it to whatever you deem fit. Please read this with a smile...I am

    No need to change your name. I was trying to answer your question and I started with an apology for my assumption about your name already. Please see my point as a whole to your question, nothing else. ;-)

    Truly Knowing, is to know Joy, "for by Joy is the Kingdom of Heaven Justified" for it is the only discernable essence of God in earth life..  Not as men and the world say Love or Joy, but Spirit.  This Happiness is all the "sensible" evidence necessary for others preceive the Light of this truth.  Not all are called or have to stand on a soap box, just simply live the Good Life, and you shall become a becon, of God.   :) 


    It is important to appreciate that  tens of thousands of first century Christians were either natural Jews or Jewish proselytes. Indeed they were actually called the sect of the Nazarenes by their orthodox Jewish community  and particularly the Sanhedrin, the court that wrongly condemned Jesus of blasphemy and then fitted him up on a trumped up charge of sedition before the Romans.

    It is worth increasing your knowledge by reading the book of Acts and meditating on what you have read. 

    One of the most bigoted Jews of that time was a man called Saul of Tarsus. Saul was a Pharisee and a real man of action and yet he completely reversed his course of action when confronted by the newly resurrected Christ.

    First you must take serious steps to establish who God is and what he is not.
    Second you must establish that your knowledge of God is accurate and not contaminated with
    falsehoods or mythology. (Trojans and viruses in computer parlance.)
    Thirdly you must work out "who really is the faithful and discreet slave that the master (Jesus) appointed over all his domestics to give them their food at the proper time. Matt 24
    Fourth you need to establish what Holy Spirit is and how to cultivate it.
    Fifth you need a sound knowledge of bible chronology

    That is just the beginning.

    So we can make an easy start by looking up Psalms 83:18 in the KJV
    This tells us that JEHOVAH is the MOST HIGH over all the earth.
    Therefore logic, grammar and common sense would dictate that there is only one
    MOST HIGH. There cannot be two or three most highs and so the false doctrine of the trinity
    can only be a device manufactured by Satan to mislead the human race.

    Of course millions of people will disagree with that vehemently but their disagreement will not get the blessing or resurrection in Gods new order.

    Hope this helps to get you started

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