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    I have a 80 year old male friend that has sugar diabets. His blood sugar level is 165 and he is suffering with hullsanations and being disoriented. Will his blood sugar levels cause these symtoms? What can we do to help him? He weighs approx. 160lbs and is apprx. 5'11" tall! Thank you for your time!

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    Is this a reading he's getting fasting, after he hasn't eaten anything after 8 hours? If it is then  yes I guess its possible. The elderly always react differently to things. If that's not the case, that really isn't a high enough reading to be causing those kinds of symptoms. Is he on any new medications? Also is he dehydrated? Diabetics, particularly elderly diabetics absolutely need to stay hydrated!!  I would definitely check this out with the doctor. In the meantime I would go to the store and buy something called PowerAid Zero Sports Drink. Its just like Pedialyte that doctors give to children when they're sick and dehydrated and they lose electrolytes. You can buy Pedialyte if you'd rather, but its more expensive. Whichever you buy make sure you get the one with no sugar. Power Aid ZERO or Pedialyte with no sugar. WHen youIf he's dehydrated he can get disoriented, have hallucinations, and lose their balance and fall. All 3 have happened to me because of that. If he were admitted to a hospital the first thing they's do would be give him an I.V> with an electrolyte solution to rehydrate him again. Try that and let me know whay happens. OH.... He may need a few bottles. Grape tastes best and its best to serve after having been refrigerated. Icy cold!! Don't wait to call the doctor, though. It could be something else. Tell him what you're doing about the electrolytes. Good luck. 

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