at what age should it be okay to start your daughter in gymnastics?

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    Earlier is better because they have limber joints. But that being said, make sure you have a qualified instructor who understands how children grow and what they need to succeed. I would start her out as soon as she was out of diapers and was interested in "playing" gym. The earlier stages are for developing large motor control and stretching and balance. It is not until later that they learn the classical routines and begin contests. Keep in mind, fine motor control generally does not begin until they are eight to ten and sometimes twelve years of age.



    Good answer : )



    I think 2 could be OK. They're going to start her with tumbling and rolling around anyway. Nothing major. I watched an episode one night about baby gymnastics.


    Aww... well she just turned 2:) so I guess that means we have to go hard on the potty training...!!! She's bearly getting the hang of it. Is their anything else similar, she can do......?


    At two, mother and father should be getting down and the floor and rolling around with her, just working on the basics of hand - eye - foot control while also working on balance. Basically, anything fun, energetic, and goofy works best. But don't stress her joints trying to get her to do things she is not physically capable of just because the neighbor kid was doing it three months earlier.

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