ringing in ears

    Does any one have ringing/ noise in their ears? sometimes its worse than others and driving me nuts.

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    YEAH, its my wife.

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    Warning: Wear hearing protection when around loud noise for any length of time.
    I worked on motorcycles in a shop with a low ceiling and the noise set mine off. I have been able to live with it and not notice it for long periods of time, then someone will ask me about it then it gets bad, strange as I type this my ears are ringing real bad, My Dr. said to live with it, if anyone has been helped with medication i would like to know.

    I want to know

    I received the same response from my doctor. My ringing continues 24-7. I've gotten use to it. It does, however, seem to affect my hearing at times, though.

    Yup.. I wake up with ringing in my ears every morning. Like sonnyandedward said try having something on.I run a fan year round just for the sound. Doc said it was shooting guns without hearing protection but I always wore good fitting ear plugs, Then it dawned on me one day as I was driving around one of my antique John Deere 2 cylinder tractors....never wore hearing protection on them, and they sound like a gun going off several times a second..Wear hearing protection....

    Yes but I end up answering the phone. Its called Tinnitus You need to see a specialist.

    Hey Randy Palmer, yes you could take every pill in the box at the same time. It will not harm you in any way. I pill sublingual (under the tongue). Usually you feel the effects right away. Directions are on the box. Homeopathics are where modern medicine first started out. Medicines eventually evolved into synthetic chemicals which the body has trouble synthesizing. That is why there are so many drugs out there that don't work and intefers with the body's normal mechanisms not to mention the toxic side effects. There are some nice free phamplets available at health food stores boiron is a good read. Try Wild Oats or Whole Foods. PS Boiron is a large producer of homeopathic medicines.

    Headless Man

    I don't find this, what is the name of this pill?

    I too have this ringing now for years. It has caused one ear to lose some of it's hearing. I try to live with it. I can't fall to sleep without T.V. on, or a headphone with music. I try not to think about it. It will drive you crazy if you fixate on it.

    Headless Man

    Keep headphone low or can make worse......


    PLEASE go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY. This might be Tinnitus, and the sooner you get medical treatment, the better are your chances of getting rid of the problem.

    All the best,

    i try not to notice it and it works for me

    Tinnuitis, medications both correct. High blood pressure can also do this (does it to me when mine is high) See a doc if it bothers you a lot though just to be on the safe side and to find out a definitive answer

    move away from the church especially on sunday...


    why is that?

    Some medications (like painkillers) cause a ringing in ears

    Most Docs don't have a clue about natural cures. If it is not pushed by the pharm sales people they don't know it's available. The med is called sinus relief that is the brand name. No one I know who has used it has ever said that it didn't work. It's cheap and patented.

    I have studied natural medicine for decades. I've had ringing and tried an MD. Antibiotics of course! Nothing helped except "sinus relief" which is homeopathic. It is sold by Vitamin World. I tell everyone who mentions this symptom to me. I use it whenever it occurs and so do the people I've informed. It is completely safe and compatible with everything. Radiance Remedies is the manufacturer. Go green for your body. No pharmacies, no chemicals and no side effects.

    Headless Man

    It is called sinus relief?
    Mine is constant, is this save to take all the time?

    You will have to live with it and try to put it to the back of your mind. Stay away from loud music or head phones. You may need complete silence for about six months. Try meditation

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