besides wood what materials are pianos made from

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    Pianos are made from many materials, wood, felt, brass,steel, leather, plastics and in older pianos ivory.  Glues used in olden days were made from the hoofs of horses, shellacs made from the wings of insects, tar and just about anything that would hold pieces together.

    Modern pianos no longer use ivory for keys, plastics are used, also many organic compositions and synthetics that offer the feel of ivory are used.  No longer are organic glues used, now all synthetic resins.  Many composites are used, plastics, ABS etc.   Where this would be debatable, today's pianos are far superior to pianos of the past for many reasons, no breakdown of organic glues, much more precise measurements using modern computers, even the woods used are grown with special handling and seasoning is controlled by %humidity also computer controlled.  Modern robotics never fail and make a mistake, they don't come to work with a hangover and they are programmed to do the same job precisely without fail.  

    There are some manufacturers that still build the traditional ways, their heritage is on the line, not the quality.  People will purchase a pianos based on its heritage of traditional piano building, the problem is, it is illegal to build pianos using the materials and glues of olden times.  so, they are really no better than those made mostly by machines, actually they aren't as good. But nonetheless, people buy history in names.

    If you are really interested in how pianos are made, check out this documentary

    'The Making of Steinway L1037'

    A very good documentary where the building of Serial #1037 starts as a tree and goes through the entire process and exits as a 100K piano.  


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