i live in a resort and ive been off work all summer cause of two hip implants

    last friday, someone gave me some forms to fill out from hr, it was about medical leave, she left a note saying she shouldve given them to me before my surgery, that was two months ago, i had two surgeries 6 wks apart, i filled out as much as i could and mailed the rest to my doctor cause they were asking him questions, im seasonal, not full time and i still get to live here and get free meals even if im not working cause of the surgeries, does all that paperwork mean money like short term disability or unemployment? ive asked about it before my surgeries and got nowhere so i gave up, ive been living without paychecks for two months now, just savings and a credit card and my brothers occasionally put money in my acct, just wondered if i was getting money and if i get backpay for 2 months since they took so long to give it to me

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    You'll have to discuss it with  the resort where you live and worked. Apply to your state for disability. If they turn you down, get a lawyer and apply a gain.  Or get your Dr. to put you on a paid medical leave for as long as it takes to heal your hip implants.

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