a taxpayers dream!

    all taxpayers dream of paying to support low level non-violent drug offenders who commit a $1000 crime to get 10 years at 30,000 a year at taxpayers expence,something dont add up,public safety is a little costly dont you think. it cost more to jail the crimminal then the crime they commited

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    Yep I vote we go back to public hangings myself.

    The problem may be the means by which the offenders get the money to buy drugs. B&E, armed robbery, mugging etc.
    I would like to see drug courts in each community in our country.
    Also, it would really be nice to have information in the lower school grades about drugs and alcohol. Our community starts the classes in 9th grade. Most kids have been experimenting a long time before that. But, it they see it at home they think it is normal and the thing to do.

    I think drugs should be legal. If there were no profit in selling them the dealers would not be pushing them on youngsters.
    Drugs have been around for centries in all cultures.
    They are trashing our economy. Just look at what is going on in Mexico. Not good.
    Figures! Not just the UK politions that have the plot then!

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