what is bigger, whale shark or blue whale?

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    he Blue Whale is believed to be the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth. The largest known dinosaur of the Mesozoic era was the Argentinosaurus, which is estimated to have weighed up to 90 tonnes (100 short tons). There is some uncertainty as to the biggest Blue Whale ever found. Most data comes from Blue Whales killed in Antarctic waters during the first half of the twentieth century and was collected by whalers not well-versed in standard zoological measurement techniques. The longest whales ever recorded were two females measuring 33.6 m and 33.3 m (110 ft 3 in and 109 ft 3 in) respectively. However, there are some disputes over the reliability of these measurements. The longest whale measured by scientists at the American National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML) was 29.9 m long (98 ft) — about the same length as a Boeing 737 aeroplane or three double-decker buses.

    A Blue Whale comes in first place when judging animal size. A Blue Whale's tongue is so big that it is about the size of an elephant and 50 humans could stand on its tongue. Its heart is close to the size of a small car. A human baby could crawl through a Blue Whale's arteries. During the first 7 months of its life, a baby Blue Whale drinks approximately 400 litres (100 US gallons) of milk every day. Baby Blue Whales gain weight as quickly as 90 kg (200 pounds) every 24 hours. Even at birth, they weigh up to 1350 kg (3,000 lb) – the same as a fully-grown hippopotamus.

    Blue Whales are very difficult to weigh because of their massive size. Most Blue Whales killed by whalers were not weighed as a whole, but cut up into manageable pieces before being weighed. This caused an underestimate of the total weight of the whale, due to loss of blood and other fluids. Even so, measurements between 150 to 170 tonnes (160 and 190 short tons) were recorded of animals up to 27 m (88 ft 6 in) in length. The weight of a 30 m (98 ft) individual is believed by the NMML to be in excess of 180 tonnes (200 short tons). The largest Blue Whale accurately weighed by NMML scientists to date was a female that weighed 177 tonnes (196 short tons).

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