who do you deal with fibromyalgia and anxiety?

    I can't work, and only sleep unless I take meds and then I'm lucky if that helps. And when it does I have anxiety and restless legs. Its enough to drive a person crazy!!! I want my life back! I am type A. Go go go!!! Do it myself. Just easier to do it., And had the energy to do that! Now? I'm down to barely getting up! Which is also causing depression! Anyone else have this and how do you handle it? And have you gotten back into a life yet?

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    I have both conditions. For Anxiety I take Xanax. For pain I take pain meds. From what I know of  Fibromyalgia it hits high-energy women who have a difficult back story. Hang in there. You may be going through a difficult time right now. It will get better than worse then better again.

    Be Well.

    " My (wife) feels your pain! she could start her own (pharmacy)."

    Thank you everyone for your help. I see my question had some typos! LOL! I am so tired of Fibromyalgia, CRPS, CFS, Anxieyy, Depression! ugh! I have meds for all of it... I just feel like an empty shell. With nothing left to give! I want a better life. I use to be the gogo girl!! Type A I guess they call it. And I want that life back. Cuz my life has fallen apart! And it  drives me crazy not being able to take care of any of it.... I have a book for everything too. But having CFS I can't read long. Then its nap time! Are there any other ways to help any of this besides the meds I get from a dr? I would like to do natural remedies if pos. Maybe thats the answer? I don't know. I have been dealing with this for almost 6yrs now. And I am over it! I miss out on pretty much everything. And sometimes I think am I not suppose to have a life? Why the flare up when I am suppose to be somewhere. Or today for example- I end up with some kind of allergic reaction. I think to my cats..... And my eyes swell almost shut, my skin itches so bad I have welts. And I can't go to the event. ugh! I am so sick of it! Any thoughts?  Pretty sure theres not alot I can do. I do like the fact that there are others out there that like to try and help. So I thank you for that! :) Its nice to have others out there. But I wouldn't wish this on anyone!!! ugh! What a life!

    Anyways thanks again to those of you that have answered my question. And I appreciate It!



    The only advice I have is to keep on keeping on. I get really depressed sometimes. Who wouldn't. Huh? Hang in there. Come back. We actually need a medical site. Don't know where to find one.

    Thanks. How does she handle it? I am at a total loss!! I'm not ready to give up! But without energy and your so tired, in pain, and depressed and so anxious you feel like your being held down. Without really being held down. ugh!!! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.



    "I hope I'm guide-in you in the right direction."> ( "good luck to ya!"

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