how to remove a love spell?

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    Get  a piguin to pooh on your head ,while eating a Bannana,and shout loudly ,Eureca,  ,It will not get rid of the spell,but you will feel better, Recall,


    I'll try

    How do you put on a love spell?  Let me know if it really works...I might need it.


    It is bad, do you know it?

    Bad meaning what? How so? Is it a curse or something?

    something like curse

    Recall, That's all mystical garbage.  Satanic I say.  There is no such thing as spells.  Please don't put one on me for saying that.  LOL

    All you need to do is make up your mind that you don't like him and go on your way. He probably didn't really do anything anyway, he just wants you to believe he did.


    This is not something for you to get involved in. This is not a game for fun. Do not play around with this stuff.

    Introduce yourself to my son's father. *~*

    Divorce,is the only permanent way..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    you quit taking Love Potion # 9 that he may have put in your drink

    I bet a prayer would remove a spell.  Amen

    How do you know that one actually exists? Did you place one on someone else and have a change of heart?


    does this information will help you to remove a love spell or to answer my question?

    Yes it does. Because if YOU put the spell on, only YOU can take it off.

    no, I didn't. one guy put it on me. and I hear it able to remove a love spell by someone else, not by that guy.

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