Why do people in Japan wear face masks?

    I noticed it on the videos of Japan and several years ago when I was traveling in Germany...the Japanese wear face masks both in and out of their country.

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    to filter out pollution in the air

    They wear face masks to be polite and safe. For example, if they have a cold, they do not want to spread the germs to others, and it is honorable they want to keep not only themselves safe, but also everyone else around them. If they were to accidentally sneeze or cough on you, and you got sick, then they are at fault for not protecting you, and that would be a loss of face. They also wear face masks to filter out particulates that cause respiratory illnesses. This is especially true when they are in dusty environments, and want to make sure they will not get sick from those particulates.

    In short, they feel it is honorable to protect others from themselves. Not to do so is to disrespect you. So please respect them for their compassion.

    yes the japanese people always have marched to a different drum beat


    As a very polite gesture in an effort to keep from spreading germs.

    It is NOT because of pollution.

    Japanese people often wear cotton face masks as a way of performing a public service. They are trying to keep their cold germs to themselves.

    I've seen a few Japanese wearing face masks here in America too.

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