What kind of glue would you use on the back of a mirror without damaging the silver content?

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    The Mirror
    The mirror is made of glass. On the back of the mirror a silver-layer and mostly a copper- layer are applied which are covered/protected with special coating layers. The silver- and copper layer are sensitive for contact with water, moisture or chemical fumes or liquids. In case of contact, these metal layers can be attacked which will show through dark or hazy spots in the mirror. To avoid this attack the metal layers are to a certain extend protected by the special coatings, although a 100% protection can’t be achieved as this will depend on the circumstances of a particular application as well (See the instructions of the mirror manufacturer as well).

    In this Technical Bulletin it is assumed that the quality of the mirror does apply to the Standard DIN 1238. (For other mirrors or safety and plastic based mirrors do contact the mirror- and adhesive manufacturer).

    The adhesives
    As adhesives for mirrors, only certain products, that are not aggressive towards the coating or metal layers, can be used. From the past, some solvent containing adhesives are still in use like Zwaluw Mirrorfix-SBR and are regarded suitable if application is done in the right way.

    Nowadays solvent free adhesives are mainly used. These products do combine a good bond strength with a certain flexibility which will allow a difference in movement between the mirror and the substrate it is glued on.
    In the Zwaluw program these products are:

    •      Zwaluw Mirrofix MS

    •      Zwaluw Hybrifix

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