Gold is up $45 an ounce in Asian trading. Dow Jones futures are down 181 points. Can we move in with you, IamPamela?

    This country is in dire shape financially.  We are screwed to the wall.

    August 7, 2011

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    Chiangmai ~ I sure don't know what the hay we're gonna do. Kinda scary.


    I truly understand your angst. My wife discussed this subject seriously since 9/11/01, the day our bubble burst. I decided then that we must plan to fail instead of being positive all the time (just fooling ourselves). What if I lost my job, what if the economy turned south and I was not making the kind of money I was expecting to make. When I planned to fail (successfully), I decided to diversify my incomes to other areas such as rental properties in the hope of helping us through some tough times if and when they did occur.

    Chiang ~ I knew they were coming. I guess I've know hard days were coming for about four years.The man who takes care of our stocks didn't seem to know. (Not at this point anyway) I have a disability and my husband is retired. I think he's too old to go back to his line of work.

    I am beyond worry. I've considered some things I could do.


    After 9/11, I promised myself that if the economy ever rebounded again, I would snatch the opportunity to prepare for such eventuality. I had to as we had 3 children to put through out of state colleges. By then I was so cynical about the way the American politicians, democrats and republicans, we bs-ing with us. Thankfully we had another opportunity to prepare. Remember, the time to prepare for a storm it's not when you're in the middle of it.

    Chiangmai ~ I wish I had known how to plan.

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