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    when do you replace a toilet

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    When altho you have patched all the leaks it stills keeps leaking all over the

    The guts of the toilet are all replaceable, those control the flushing mechanism and the performance of the toilet. If replaced your toilet can be restored back to practically new. When it leaks from the bottom there is a replaceable wax ring, but you have to make sure you have the proper size ring when you replace it depends on the make and model of the toilet. If the toilet has a crack it's time to replace it. Now there are higher velocity toilets on the market giving you more flushing power, if the question is its not pushing out what your putting in you may want to get a more powerful toilet?

    Sometimes the problem is roots in your 3 or 4 inch drain pipe you may want to rent a snake or call a professional plumber? Some toilets were put in without the proper permits, sometimes people put a toilet on a regular drainage pipe that is two inch pipe. This can be a huge problem because 2 inch pipe usually cant handle number two.

    when it's running and you cant catch it, and it gets away from you!

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