Thanks for the follow up on my age descrimination question

    One thing that I fail to mention is, thiswas a brand new position that was created. There were 3 positions, I applied for 1 on them with 18 years experience in doing the same thing that they new job descriptions required?

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    They like hiring young people b/c they don't have to pay them as much money as you were making; and don't have to start them out with health insurance like you were getting.

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    You're very welcome, oldster!


    Mate i know where you are coming from,,i was sacked after 17 years,,no help from the union,2 years short of retirement,,my age and surgury's played a major roll in my not being able to get another job,, too old to get a job,,to old to go to war,,and to young to die.....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<


    Terry , that stinks. :-(

    the segment of our society that practices age discrimination the most is men !! Older men don't want an over weight but attractive 66 yr. old woman. They want a slender , 40 yr. old woman. My friend, Ron ( who's like a brother to me ) took in a 40 yr old woman who he's got the hots on, but she only wants a place to live, not him. So then he took up with the woman next door who is 46 . A man in my church who is retired and about 67 ish is dating a slender 40 yr. old who still has kids at home. I would like to date younger men too, but they don't want older women, unlike women who will go out with an older man.

    terryfossil 1

    Men don't want older women MCM,??????? I happen to be a toy boy,,my wife is nearly 5 years older than me,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Well, Terry , she lucked out. Maybe things are different in Australia than the U.S. Maybe I should move down there ;-)
    terryfossil 1

    Aussie is a big place MCM,, i am sure you would make a good Aussie,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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