mermaid question for men (adult, sexual)

    probably one for the guys...Mermaids.. Half fish, half woman. but this time you can choose which half is which. what would you choose and why

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    I just had to come see what you said PL, lol I have to agree with your thoughts. ; )

    I added the "warning" per your suggestion as I feel it's a good suggestion and can't cause any harm to the way the forum operates. It's respectful for those who don't like to read stuff like this.


    Definitely top half human, why? I could be quite comfortable cuddling and kissing the top halfand I am sure she would find a way to uh hum. The thought of the other way around is a bit spooky, just picture it. Congratulations on the sub title warning.

    2 Answers

    probally the bottom half: "fish fry"

    I agree with singer Bobby Bare's advice in his mermaid song, ie you'll only like the upper part -you're not gonna' like the tail. Wait until you meet the mermaid's sister, the upper part is an ugly old fish but the rest of her is a girl, he doesn't give a damn about the upper part and that's how he ends his tale. Good song.

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