I was pass over for a position that I know that I was more than qualified for at my current job. There no explanation for snubbing. Should I file a law suit, or lodge a complaint. I have about 3 more years before retirement. There seems to be a pattern of giving me additional responsibility , hoping I will quite the job. There are little subtle things, like praising workers around me , but never praising me for the work I do.

    I document things, I've been with company 18 years.

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    If you were passed over and only 3 years to retirement,chances are they went for a younger longer time employee,,and yes i know it is not fair,however the fact of the matter is,,the older you get the less you are wanted in the workforce,,depending on the type of job you have,,but if you are a politician you can govern till you are 80 sitting on your a$$..not a lot of brain power down there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

    Life just isn't fair sometimes. The problem with old people , basically people on medicare ,is they cant perform as well as younger people. One main reason is they cant stay awake. Alot of state jobs are turning into a medicare dump ground. There must be people to promote and able to handle situations. Now this is just one example that does not pertain to all. Its just one example that I have seen. The mind of a 65 year old is much different than a 35 year old. A older person usually does not want to do or make decisions that causes discomfort or conflict. Some here will be upset at what I say, but its the truth and what I have seen. Its what I had to put up with while working. The dumb decisions by an older person because of their age. In the end , that supervisor created a health problem for himself because of the bad decisions he made. I did nothing to stop him and didn't want to. I wanted him to fail to get out. He was promoted to his job to get him away from where they didn't want him because of the problems he created.

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