the problem in the world caused by the world leaders because of incompentence, in the 14th century head on, the inhabitants of the country when they see that they were badly treated by their kings and queens or emperor or empress they revolted to chage their way of life today we have the same problem why we dont try and change ours ?

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    obamako very good question thank you

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    It might just come to that.

    Would you really want to revert to the 14th century way of doing things?Seems to me that's what's going on in most muslim countries at the moment.

    I would like to tell Obamako that it is a good idea. But I cannot. 'cause now days that approach kind of belongs to Third Developing Countries, no USA. Although it might look like it is the only way .... it is not. 

    Very good question but surley we dont want to revert back to the 14th century its was barbarick in those days but I do know where you are coming from and as Tommy has pointed out this is still happening in the Muslim Countrys where you get beheaded and stoned to death we hope we have come along way from that, but I can see in the near future that people will revolt as it is happening in the Uk with Riots . 

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