how to get rid of outlook express's " compact messages" message .

    have surfed w/ bing--w/google , many bs answers . If I were a Geek I wouldn't be here asking for help to complete a task,not advice on why I shouldn't . I want to get rid of compact messages-period , that seems to be a hard concept for some to grasp . Can't tell you how tiring this is . I've read what many said ,what they say do I can't find . I have Windows XP-SP3 outlook express . I think I've asked on this site ,but have been at this so long I forget .-------- Jondee

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    Work with outlook express messages by using of repair dbx 

    Post can be useful for you


    welcome to aka, Steve, glad to give your first karma..

    This is Jondee , if you read the above post , you know what this is about . My post here is to say after several shots over a long period of time at getting an answer to HOW TO STOP the message "compact messages" finally found the answer after TONS of bs . Just incase you are interested   and follow the directions EXACTLY , DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING and your compact messages problem is over . As I said I have XP-SP3 ,don't know if this will work on anything else .   Good Luck

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