Why would someone ask a question about Fat women and black men

    that is wrong in every sense...Shame on you...turn it around....

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    I totally agree,some of these questions are so stupid, and ignorant.


    i no what you mean another stupid waste of time question,and ive just commented on it that hes very rude

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    Because it can work both ways...what about fat men loving fat women? Or skinny women loving fat men, or skinny women loving skinny men loving fat men... it could be anyone of any differnt kind of people loving anyone differnt kind of people. Small people loving large people!

    Turn it around? You mean like fat man loving a black woman or fat woman loving a man, or fat woman loving a fat black man.....? What are you asking?

    why not? I'm curious too.

    SHOCK value.  Some people start clucking their tongues, gasping,  and getting all righteous. 
    HUMOR value.  Some people think being racist, prejudiced, bigoted is a hoot.
    IGNORANCE value.  Some people think their answers don't expose their stupidity enough, so they ask questions that reinforce the notion.
    BY THE WAY, the jury is still out on THIS question.

    maybe a fat black women done them some justice and they want to pay it foward.....

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