if my husband leaves our home can i change the locks?

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    What if his name is also on the mortgage/lease?
    country bumpkin

    I thought about that when I answered this question and I think it's illegal to change the locks. I said yes out of the concern for her safety. (I would change the locks illegal or not if I felt threatened)

    But maybe she's having an affair with the pool boy? She didn't say.

    If your city is anything like my own, you can call 311 and ask them, they have access to such laws and questions about it……..

    If you feel endangered by all means change the locks & worry about the legal ramifications when/if they arise.

    You are perfectly fine if you don't like the locks in your house and want to change them. But remember he owns half. Go see a lawyer now.

    if you are in fear of him report it, then change the locks asap!

    Where do you live? If you give him the keys to the new locks, I don't see any problems, no matter where you live.

    In a joint tenancy (in California), you may change the locks if you can provide proof that you are maintaining the home, paying the bills, and that he is not contributing. There is a time requirement for this.  You may also establish a contract with him that you will do those things, and in signing, you can build a moat around the property! 

    Best to seek legal counsel.  There are many organizations that provide free or very low cost assistance, if needed.

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