Is being born worse odds that winning the sperm cell out of 111million

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    Thanks for that Raider..I will do the lottery with confidence now...

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    The average sperm count today is around 60 million per milliliter in the Western world, having decreased by 1-2% per year from a substantially higher number decades ago. The average sperm volume per ejaculation is between 1.5ml considered low, to a high of 6ml. So at the highest level of out put you are looking at 360 million sperm per ejaculation. Multiply that by how many attempts are made and yes it looks like being born has worse odds than winning the lottery. Your 111 million sperm count must have been looking a 2ml of sperm times 60 million (120 million) which comes close to your 111 million sperm.

    Ok but take into consideration that 111 million is if your parents only did it once. They may have taken 10 years to have this child and let's say they did it 3 times a week now the odds change quite dramatically.

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