What does a black stool mean?

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    It's probably a good time to see the doctor. We don't have any medical volunteers on this website, we cannot give you medical advice.


    I'm a retired nurse, so you could say I'm a medical volunteer. I'm not supposed to diagnose, but I can certainly say when something sounds serious

    mycatsmom, we are lucky to have a nurse on site. It's has a little more credibility when you say something sounds serious. Thank you.

    mcm it's nice that you've offered your services here, but unfortunately you're not around 24/7. So when I see a question like this come through, they're going to get the same answer. Your more than welcome to come on and give your qualified answer afterwards. I of course can't count on whether you're around or not.

    it means see a doctor.dont panic its probably nothing but PLEASE get medical advice

    IT really deepends on if it is truly black... It could be what you have eaten (iron), blood in stool, or some other medicail issue. Any time you are concerned about your health, consult a doctor.

    Black stool can be the symptom of peptic ulcer. Blood in the stoool should always be evaluated by a physician.

    Unless this is a regular thing, don't worry to much. You may have a little blood in your stool causing it to be darker than normal or you could have just eaten something that caused the discoloration. Don't get me wrong, it should not be black all the time and if there are any concerns at all, call your local medical provider, any provider and ask them this question.


    even '' a little blood in your stool '' is not normal. My aunt had that for at least a year, and she got so anemic. And it ended up being colon cancer. But, she survived it :-)

    it's either blood, or it's from iron tablets. Go to the Dr. immediately and get a stool test. If it changes to red and a lot of it, go to the E.R. 

    If all of the above don't work try to stay off dark wines that will also help.

    Its blood or to much dark wine

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