I have a 1000 gal water garden, 9 large koi, some 2 ft long, in the spowning season, the males play a little ruff and now I have several fish missing scales, anything to worry about?

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    Koi keepers who are committed to breeding should take the following to heart:

    • Select Koi parents with the best attributes of their variety. Pretty Koi parents do not necessarily make pretty babies, so choose parent fish on the strength of their body shapes, good quality color, and good scalation rather than looks alone.

    • Do not use show quality koi for breeding; they will suffer bruises, cuts, torn fins, and missing scales, as well as stress during spawning.

    • Get both parent fish into prime health before spawning and again afterward.

    • Cull the fry. Few varieties breed true, and every poor specimen must be weeded out in order to strengthen, not weaken, the gene pool.

    • Don’t make errors. An entire breeding can be wiped out through carelessness and oversight.

    • Keep notes and records for future attempts. Above all, do not expect a breeding to produce multiple champions.

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