why do christane belive in jesue?

    that not the real god ppl u need to know who it is some ppl in this world in the u,s will be going to hell if ur muslim no need to worry but if not u are unlucky 9i am telling the truth )

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    Winson Fraal

    They 'believe' because they were told i.e. false belief, legless religion [based on and rooted in judaism].


    Religion is a way for a few people to have control over the masses.


    id have to disagree with you all. The reason why we believe in Jesus is because He died on the cross to save us (sinful people) from our sins. Since the beginning of time, God elected people (not everybody, unfortunately) to live with Him in Heaven. Since there was no possible way for us (in our sinfulness) to be holy enough to get to Heaven by ourselves, God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live a Holy life and die in our place on the cross. He took upon our sins so that when Christ looks at the elect (on Judgment day) He sees Christ, instead of our sinfulness. (Read next comment)


    but now that we're Christians (or at least us who are) we shouldn't just live like everybody else in the world (sinful, fulfilling our own desires and following false religion). God calls us to be set apart from the world; to live a life He would be pleased of. And although we do make mistakes sometimes (which, by the way, shouldn't be intentional), we have the assurance that He is willing to forgive us, because He loves us.
    I hope this was help to you

    28 Answers you, any of you really believe that when you die you go to heaven or when you have problems and you pray to your god...god hears you...i don't believe in a higher being but the teachings of historical religious and philosophical figures such as Hindu, buddhist, Muslim, christian and Hebrew holy people have all spoken the same rules and guidelines for ones life. Even indigenous tribal people have these similar rules and guidelines for life. This is simple a human trait and nothing more...


    Jesus Christ is a part of history and the bible is a realistic history book. Our life here on earth is incredibly short compared to eternity. In spite of your nonchalant view of a belief in Jesus Christ, when you take your last breath you also will face our creator since "every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord". Whether you believe or not believe, it doesn't change what the truth is. I pray for your soul that before you take your last breath, that Christ will woo you to Him that you may have eternal life with Him instead of eternal separation in hell.

    John 3; 16-21 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. Romans 8; 1-2 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 10; 9-11 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    The real god is what you want it to be if you think it is a place, person or thing that gives you a feeling that you are not alone with what life throws at you then that is your god. If Allah, Jesus Buda or whoever you need then be with that. but to say that your god is the one an only then you and all the rest of the people that believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong are not looking for a god but a need to be needed by humans

    the real god is allah i swear plus iam a bad speller ok


    Who told you that johanna,please tell us all so we know it's not a porky.


    Allah is just another word for God.Check it out.

    Religion is the way extremely ignorant stupid people deal with the questions and complexity of life.

    So if you believe in allah and you can't spell, and you become a suicide bomber and kill a lot of innocent women and chidren then you go to heaven with 21 virgins waiting for you.What if you are a woman do they also get the same reward,what a primitive belief.


    That is kind of stereotypical plinkyplonk.

    Winson Fraal

    Suicide bombers do not kill 'innocent women and children' they kill the killers and the families of the killers who occupy, steal, deatroy, desecrate, murder and plunder their country and people.


    I thought it was 70 vergins. omg if it is only 21 I'm out.


    Yes only 21 virgins I don't know who came up with that number? some old clerick who couldn,t manage any more.


    So much anger and aggresion Winson,suicide bombers are indiscriminate they even kill their Muslim brothers around the world,love thy neighbour not hate him.

    Why, in the name of any of your gods, can't any of you freaking spell?!?!?!


    I agree, but give them a break


    Just a thought, English is a second or possibly third language?

    Saying you dont beleive in Jesus is like saying you dont believe in guns.... Yup they re reall to they exist. ;)

    Historical record.... He was reall. No dening that. (still is)

    My best advice is to pick up a bible and read it through. All the answers are in there.


    I second this


    All those questions are answered . In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...


    I have to say, Just give it a chance. God Blesses me daily.


    All the answers,like how old is the earth,is the universe exspanding,was there life on Mars,did we all originate from Africa a million years ago,and did they walk on all fours and swing in the trees,didn't see any of these questions answered.


    According to the Creationists that was only a few thousand years ago you only read that in the bible,do you also believe the heavens and earth took less than a week to create, and was Adam and Eve here before the Dinosaurs if so it doesn't add up,it's a good story but thats all.

    OK kevsob. We are stuped...Now you show a smart you are and explain how this all started. Where we came from. And I dont mean from apes. I mean right back at the start. Go back as far as you like. One day there was a speck of dust. It came to life and billions of years later. Here we are. Please tell all us stupid Christians all about it. Thanks kevsob

    the only guidelines for finding God is living with divine love. Raising your vibrational energy in order that you ascend your physical body. Timelines don't matter. Just focus on healing the world with love, and be ready to know the difference between genuine love and those that make claims and pretend.

    Winson Fraal

    charlie romeo alpha papa

    i think everyone has his/her belief...what ever their ancestors have been following...some convert and some very hard 2 convince who is right who is wrong as all were the Messengers of God and wanted people to follow certain rules ...., then Bible, Tanakh or Quran were written for these people so they could understand the different aspects of life/living....

    Winson Fraal

    mscutipiez: you are confusing belief with imagination - the idea of god is a nonexistent via someone who has existed who can be related to - your confusion is caused by christainity not having a 'contact' of their own. "Knowing [i.e. 'believing' in something/someone] is not the same as being told about someone elses' belief.

    For God so loved the world, He sent His Only Begotten Son, that whom-so-ever believeth in Him (God) shall have everlasting life! Although one could argue that Allah is the word for God, it is only the word for god with a small (g)...There are a lot of those gods, even Lucifer tried-out for that one.

    I remain faithful to the Spasmplasm religion.

    All I Know is i agree with Darci13,if you have not become a Christian you wont understand.

    Free will is wh
    at God gave us,if you want to understand God read his word.If not thats your free will.I strongly recommend you do,this is coming from a non bealiver at one time

    Winson Fraal

    Kalabra 36 : do you actually KNOW who wrote "g..s word", you should do some research [I am not a non believer, I binned it, and recommend reading it properly - with your eyes, seeing what is in it, not 'seeing' what you have been told or heard - there is a saying 'don't judge a book by the cover'.


    well Winson i do know all the authors of the bible and i read it often,and have a clear understanding of the word.All i was saying is that unless you read the word and know the word you wont get it,get it?

    i am christian,so i guess ill try to answer your question.we beleive in him because he died for us.try reading book of mormon bible pearl of great price or doctrine and covenents .that may answer your question further.

    Winson Fraal

    J...s said: 1/ to the woman @ the well 'ye know not .. only the jews know' 2/ 'it is not meet to take from the "children" and cast to dogs' 3/ 'ONLY those you gave me' 4/ 'the gentiles - be NOT like them. bbp: check your history from 1948 to date.

    the real god is allah i swear plus i am a bad speller ok whatever

    Paula : Anyone from school age can read from a book and write it. The secret is in knowing the right books and the ability to understand what is written i.e. discern fact from fiction, possible from impossible, right from wrong, The bible is translated fron books written by the jews, about the jews, for the jews, when properly read you will notice it is not for outsiders. I notice on your 'page' a ? "is the Dl a spirit", on reading the L's p*r you will notice 'G' and the 'D' are one and the same.

    Paula : Anyone from school age can read from a book. The secret is knowing which books are relevant to the subject and in understanding what is written, i.e the ability to know fact from fiction, possible from impossible, right from wrong etc. I noticed on your 'page' a ? 'is the Dl a spirit - if you check the L's p*r you will realise that 'G' and the 'D' are one and the same.

    Global Paradise : The bible is about jews and outsiders. You are explicitily told : 1/ ye know not, only the jews know. 2/ benot like them. 3/ only those you gave me. 4/ it is not meet [Matt 15]. j...s took his cue from already written 'scriptures' - written by the jewa, about the jews, for the jews [to this day and beyond].

    god says not to worship any other idles. only to worship him and belive only in him. LOOK TO HIM AND YOU WILL BE SAVED. i will pray for all those who do not belive. because there is only one god god the father god the son and god the holy ghost. god bless you all.


    Uh yeah? The Trinity... Hello?


    To my maths thats three.

    I will pray for you adirondackjayhawk. You have been drinking the koolaid that Oprah sells and you will wind up in hell with her.



    Hello! I believe in Jesus Christ because as stated in the Bible in John 3:16 God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son, to save us not to condemn. Years ago in my early twenties I was approach by individual who stated that the Bible is not God word and there more than one God. I grow up in a Christian home, not a perfect home because no home is perfect or righteous that why we need to be save from our sin to be reunite back to God, since the fall of the first Adam who fell out of fellowship and a personal relationship with God through disobedience,and pride to name a few. So, years ego I spoke to God, I said too him, God I believe in you and I believe in your son Jesus Christ, I do not want to perish and go to hell because of the Word, the Holy Bible and because I believe Jesus is they only way so if you for really please come to me in a dream , vision or speak to me in some way that I know you for really and true living God. Who is you? Is Jesus Christ your son? Is Jesus the only way to everlasting life with you? Is the Bible your word or man? then I said I know if you for really like I believe you is, I'm not rush you but I need an answer and I know you would want be to die and go to hell believing in a false God or son. I said I want to know your words, your truth and what is your words in the Bible. I said these words to the best of my recollection for seven days before I got up for work, on the evening shift, I was now in my thirties when I done this prayer. Then God, reveal his self to me and so I know the way he spoke to me and reveal his self to me I knew Jesus is the way the truth and the life he is God. There no one else. I do not have a religion, I have a personal relationship with God. You do not have to argue about your faith.

    How every is you do not believe I would encourage you to humble yourself to God and seek the truth. I always to people you do not have to believe what I'm saying,what men say or the Holy Scripture the Bible. But have you simple just ask God who are you. Have you said to him you do not want to perish that you what to know if he really and how to have a personal relationship with him. Just ask, don't wait until what every it is you trying to accomplish before speak to God he not man. He want you to come, and seek him, and ask him? Come before it to late. Don't say if God for really he knows my heart, my thoughts just come while you can. When you dead its too late. Peace and Bless to all.
    Man can't condemn you and man can't send you to hell. ASK

    Winson Fraal

    Kim t : you say you 'believe' in j..c.., have you checked where he got his information from - "he opened the book" .

    well christian people believe in god is ok and we muslim people believe in god too but the wrong thing with the christian is that they didnt follow the history they just stop in the profete jesus thats it after jesus comme the profete mohamed (god prayed for him) and his miracle was the quran you know what l mean every profete has some miracles but the miracle of mohammed was the quran book and god asked him to teach people his words we have to follow god and only god because there in no god but allah(god),,,, and if you think that god have a son then your not right and you gonna go to hell we muslim people know why christians belive in jesus when they want to kill him he was prayin for god and he said to him help me gods helped him and took himm on beside him like all the profete they are in heavem and in the end of earth god gonna send jesus and he gonna ask people to believe in god and he gonna say am jesus but no one gonna believe him try to read some stories about the profete may be you gonna find it in google just right profetes stories thats it .like this you gonna see if am wrong or not

    god is allah the one and the only if god has a son like you say than he is not a god he gonna come back like us normale because we all have children god is unique that s why he is god ..god craeted the world for us to believe on him and to pray for him and do all what s good in this life like this in the end we will be the winner and we go to heaven other wise hell is waiting to those that think that god has a son or familly or dont believe in our last profete mohammed 3alayhi salat wa sallam jesus is only one of the the profete that god send them to us to believe on him dont read the bible because it is muharaf but try to read quran or ask for help to someone in the mosque that can unswer all your question if you think abt it can you believe that god can have a son???/


    Nobody needs to believe in God to lead a good life,in fact milions of people have died fighting over religion,Mulims and Christians.Stop hating each other if you believe in God.



    You will be estatic to know you were not dyslexic, just dysfunctionally illiterate.

    sorry to say but your so wrong mr john why dont you have a look in sourat meriam in the quran you gonna find who is jesus he is meriam or marie miracle she had jesus and she was still vergin and when she was scared god said to her that jesus gonna talk to them and explain to them as a baby that he is the messanger of god in this world but not his sin he is onlu a profet same than abraham,,moses,, mohamed ,,jonas youcef and lots of more to them and you know that the best profete for god is muhammed the last profete because god prayed for him


    Why do you think only your beliefs are right,it's rather nieve of you to dismiss other religions, have you been brain washed.You seem very young,better to concentrate at school on you spelling.then we can understand what you writing about.

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