we have booked a flight in september but we have no confermation.

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    6dogs4us, Thank you for your reply, and explaining things to me. Point taken.

                     I was woundering, would it ever be possible, to have, Childrens Q&A, instead of them posting silly quesions here, as I sure they do it just for a laugh. (Just a thought.)

    Contact the office, person, you booked ticket with, and ask, ASAP.  Make sure you have your recept at hand, for details.


    Dollybird, you need to understand that these people are on an airlines website and see our box off to the side and decide to ask the box this question. They have no idea that we are not part of the airlines. For the most part they never know that they have to come back here to get an answer either. It's nice of you to try to help, but most of the time they will never see the answer. I am required to answer the question anyway, rather than just delete it. I chose to do it the easiest way possible.

    We aren't part of any airlines. You're on the wrong website.


    Is there a limit to kind of questions, that can be asked here? Questions may not always be answered, but advice is help full.

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