what do you get from smokin a ciggerete? do you get a buzz or what

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    stained teeth and fingers ,bad breath,the smell of old ashtray,no money,screaming blue abdabs if you run out of cigarettes,the list could go on forever.and thats not even touching on the risks to your health.and ive got a 40 a day addiction!!!(really!!!!!) Bad habit,dont start it!!

    not anything good for sure


    very very true Franklin

    If you are not a smoker and you try one, you will probably get a head spin or may even get sick. If you are not a smoker, DO NOT START! I am a smoker, what do I get, I get a morning full of coughing, some really bad breath, and lungs that are years older than I actually am! Can I quit, probably if I try really hard but every time I try, someone ends up going to the store and buying me a pack. AGAIN, DO NOT TRY THEM AT ALL.....They are addictive and in the end, you will gain nothing but another bill every month. (hell, every day!)


    All of this is true; smoking is one habit I never got started on, and I thank my lucky stars for that! People get addicted to the buzz from the nicotine, and this is what keeps them addicted. But all of the tar and additives will MESS YOU UP! Smoking is no longer "cool", and in fact, it's becoming a stigma. People are really starting to look down on smokers because they realize it's draining money from our healthcare system.

    You get all what everybody said above plus over 4000 different kinds of toxins. Just dont even get started. Dont be a dumbass.


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