how to save as screen saver

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    Here you go:


    1 Access the Screen Saver section in Windows by going to the Windows icon on the lower left of your workspace and selecting: Settings > Control Panel.

    2 Go to the Personalization section. After you select Control Panel in the previous step, you should see a new window filled with icons. Click on the Personalization icon.

    3 Select the Screen Saver option. On this screen, you will have an option called "Screen Saver." Click on the blue type. A new window will be displayed.

    4 Select the "Photos" option. You should now see the Photos option on this screen. Click on Photos.

    5 Click the "Settings..." button.

    6 Select the option "Use pictures and videos from:". This will enable you to look for the photo you have already saved on your desktop.

    7 Click the browse button to navigate to the directory where you saved your photo.

    8 Select the "Pictures" directory. You will now be able to select your file.

    9 Click on the screensaver.jpg file and then click "OK." The window will disappear.

    10 Click "OK" on the original Screen Saver panel.
    You now have the photo as your screensaver.

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