what is the best and quickest way to heal an injection bruise

    I have an infiltrated injection bruise on my deltoid area, triceps, what is the quickest remedy to heal the discoloring bruise? I tried ice, pressing the infiltrated area down, taping it tightly wrapped around, that flattened it but spread the blood, I tried a cold spoon, hot water applications, rubbing it. Still there, I wanna wear a sleeveless dress to party in 2 days.

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    Time, only time.. if there is swelling, put ice on it but the bruise will need to be reabsorbed. It's take probably a couple weeks..

    yes time, it took 4 days, i wrapped medical tape tightly around it and the swelling flattened the bruise spread then applied a rash cream it helped
    or you can try antihistamine cream,if you cant find any you can make your own out of your favorite lotion.

    I tried that, it seemed to help some, it took 4 days to clear
    I would tell you to find a leech and apply it to the bruise but they are gross. (I had some on my legs once).

    u are no help!!!
    put after shave on two days it will be gone.this also works on love bites.believe me,it works.

    is that a one time applied? daily x2 days? every few hours?

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